Maeglin throughout his life (excluding the rest of Gondolin because reasons we all know)

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Elijah Wood and Orlando Bloom reunite at the world premiere of The Fellowship of the Ring

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And last of all the mounting wave, green and cold and plumed with foam, climbing over the land, took to its bosom Tar-Míriel the Queen, fairer than silver or ivory or pearls.

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Hippo doesn’t have time for this

Hippo got shit to do.

Hippo got swimming to do.

Hippo got shit to do and places to be

ain’t nobody fuck with hippo

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Is Maedhros Older Than Finarfin?




Aw, I really wish you were asking about Fingolfin, lol. I’d have a nice, clean answer for you if you were talking about Fingolfin. Finarfin, though… well, let’s talk about what we know:

  • Tolkien didn’t give us a date of birth for any of the sons of Feanor. 
  • But we do know when the sons of Finwe were born - Feanor (1169YT), Fingolfin (1190YT), and Finarfin (1230YT). 
  • We also know that Fingolfin is older than Maedhros (in The Silmarillion, when Maedhros hands over the High Kingship, he says “If there lay no grievance between us, lord, still the kingship would rightly come to you, the eldest here of the house of Finwe, and not the least wise.”

That’s what we know. As for the process of trying to guess when Maedhros was born: We know that Feanor married “in his early youth" - it’s stated that elves reach mental and physical maturity after 100 years, but it’s not clear if this would have been different during the Years of the Trees (Valian years were 9.582 times the length of a solar year, and it’s stated later that everything aged faster under the sun than it did during the time of the Two Trees.) So Feanor might have married as early as 1179, or possibly much later around 1269. And it’s typical for the first child to be born within the first centuries of the marriage (again, though, it’s not clear how this translated into Valian years.)

Basically, there’s just a lot of questions here, and a lot of variables that can really skew an answer in either direction. Personally, I’d put the range for Maedhros’s birth anywhere between 1229 and 1400 (though I think it’s more likely that he was born before 1300, just to give his brothers enough time to grow up a bit before everything blows up in 1495.) Even my shortest estimate would only have Maedhros born a year before Finarfin, so basically I think it’s much more likely that Finarfin was older than Maedhros (though, again, we can’t prove it without Maedhros’s birth date.)

Hope that helped, and didn’t just confuse you more, lol.

SOURCES: The Silmarillion (birth dates came mostly from Histories of Middle Earth vol. 10)

We also have (from the same timeline) the years of birth of Turgon and Finrod (1300) and Aredhel and Galadriel (1362). We are also given a year for Finarfin and Eärwen’s marriage (1280). So Finarfin married at 50 VY and that Finrod was born 20 VY after that.

So we “know” that Maedhros was born before 1300. And a good deal before 1300 (as Fingon has to have been born before then too). And that all of the sons of Fëanor would have been born by ~1362. (I can see the Ambarussar being close in age to Aredhel/Galadriel but not much younger.)

Extrapolation from the average spacing of births [21 (Fëanor/Fingolfin) - 62 (Turgon/Aredhel) years] makes it only sensible for Maedhros to have been born in the early part of the 1200s.

From the comment that Fëanor married in his early youth, I think it’s fair to assume that that was within the first 50 VY (giving 1219 as a “latest”) and that Maedhros was again born within the first 20 VY of marriage (by 1239) and probably earlier (we know Fingolfin was born only 5 VY after Finwë and Indis’ marriage as well as that Finrod was born 20 VY after Finarfin and Eärwen married).

Basically in Maedhros were younger he’d have to be very close in age to Finarfin, but that it’s no stretch to have Maedhros as the elder and potentially quite a bit older.

(This timeline doesn’t account for the existence of Lalwen, Findis or Argon.)

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It seems Frodo has the same opinion as I do about the Desolation of Smaug movie

#omg#imagine frodo going to see the hobbit with the rest of the fellowship though it’d be hilarious#frodo is sending sms continuously to bilbo ‘did that really happen uncle bilbo’#bilbo is like ‘yes; no ; yes; no; probably artistic license; yes#HE DID WHAT TO THE WHAT no that most certainly did NOT happen’#gimli getting teary eyed over seeing his kin and being super enthusiastic and loud during the battle scenes#legolas just cringing the entire time through#’I can’t believe I said that’#’I never said that’#’oh god that armor was so unflattering’#’I WOULD NEVER ACT LIKE THAT OVER A BIT OF BLOOD’#’oh my god did dad really think I was crushing on tauriel I hope they made that part up’#(what they DIDNT make up is the part where he calls gimli a goblin mutant)#(that gets really awkward at the theatre)#merry and pippin are having the time of their live because they’re just really enjoying the movie#sauron downloaded the movie via torrent and is sitting in a cozy pit of lava watching the movie on his ipad and screencapping his ring and watching his own scene over and over again#and making fun of smaug by imitating his voice during his scenes#’I am fire I am death I am a whiny little asshole deserter dragonbaby who couldnt outfly glaurung#and that sucker didnt even have wings

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May 4th-10th is Nolofinwëan Week!

We’ll reblog this again closer to the date in order to remind you, but start queuing, buckle up, and get ready for some excellent contributions!

As with Gondolin Week, we encourage everyone to post what they can - fic, art, closet cosplay, headcanons and meta, photosets, you name it. 

Spread the word and enjoy!

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Best reaction ever. 

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